DALVIVO™ power cable


Full power transmission, free from interference
Unlocks slumbering sound potential
7 x AWG 14 ( 2.08 mm² ) pure copper conductor in helical array
7 x single + 3 x overall shield, providing deep, silent background
mechanical damping for very good anti-resonant behaviour
very low impedance, capacitance, and inductance
extremely low dielectric absorption
positive match for every kind of equipment
music can unfold and sparkle, with very solid bass
halogen-free, durable, hard-wearing, transparent sleeve

Drawing on new insights, the DALVIVO and INCANTO cables lead to a sonic result that has to be heard to be believed. Given the widely acclaimed sound qualities of our LUMINOSO and ESPRESSIVO cables, one would not anticipate that tonal colors can still be more luminous, vivid and 3D, that the projection of space can still be more precisely layered, and the background from which the music rises to be deeper and darker still, extending the dynamic range thereby even further. It all results in an enhanced ‚live’ sensation, a veracity and atmosphere one can touch. Listening becomes an exhilarating experience.

Made of first class materials and terminated with connectors that perfectly match the overall quality, these cables reflect the typical synergistic approach behind Ensemble designs.The uniqueness of these cables and their Swiss precision-made quality is shown by a warranty seal.


  •  very high purity copper – for reliable, long term results
  •  excellent electrical values – for wide equipment compatibility
  •  optimal balance between electrical parameters – for natural sound
  •  very low dielectric dissipation – for fast signal transmission
  •  screening on all levels – for effective protection from interference
  •  topology of shields and conductors optimized
  •  mechanical damping – for excellent anti-resonance behaviour
  •  flexibility and mechanical integrity, UV and microbe stability
  •  environment-friendly materials: no PVC, no halogenide materials
  •  maximum continuous voltage: DALVIVO 300 V ; spark tested to 1500 V


  •  sound coming from a very deep, silent background
  •  immaculate transparency; perfectly balanced, live-like, natural sound
  •  luminous, rich timbres; lively, vivid colours in all shades
  •  ‚life-like’- dimensionality; realistic 3D rendition
  •  veracity of atmosphere: air, micro information, reverberation
  •  razor-sharp transients: onset, rise and decay
  •  widest possible dynamics: sub-micro to large scale
  •  engaging rhythm and pace
  •  natural, lively musical ebb and flow


· 7 x AWG 14 ( 2.08 mm! ) conductors in helical array,
individually screened plus 3 x overall shields
· diameter 14.3 mm
· bending radius 22 cm
· resistivity 0.0049 Ohm / m ( power cable: P and N )
· capacitance 105 pF / m ( 1 kHz )
· inductance 0.0005 mH / m ( 1- 10 MHz )