6 x 0.25 mm² conductors (3 + 3 in opposing helical array)
6 x single- + 2 x overall-shielded for superlative interference rejection
ultra-low noise floor, resonance damping topology
very low capacitance
loss factor of dielectric smaller than of Teflon®
for single-ended (RCA) or balanced (XLR) stereo
or 3-channel (3 x 2) applications
halogene-free, hardwearing and durable sleeve

A sophisticated all-out design, the DYNAFLUX FSF fascinates by its power to illuminate music from within. Against an ultra-quiet background music begins to shine, very subtle rhythmic inflexions or harmonic textures come to light one has never noticed before. Dynamic peaks and on-the-edge transients are negotiated without congestion, and within these extremes the integration of what makes the complex weave of music, including tonal and timbral correctness, or coherent pace and rhythm, happens with convincing naturalness. Technically, the DYNAFLUX FSF intertwines six conductors of 0.25 mm2 cross-section, each with an individual film shield, which adds superlative internal rejection of crosstalk and interference to the already high degree of electromagnetic protection offered globally by two external shields.

The DYNAFLUX FSF has low capacitance, low inductance and impedance, and thanks to its symmetrical layout is ideally suited for both balanced (XLR) and single-ended (ALLINO™RCA) termination. Very low dielectric absorption, practically airtight and non-hygroscopic insulation, micro-vibration damping, and a hard-wearing yet flexible outer sheath are integral parts of this high-tech product made of environment-friendly materials.