precise 110 ohm balanced digital transmission cable, for AES / EBU connections
0.34 mm² ( ~ AWG 22 )) pure copper conductors in helical array
single conductor plus 3 overall shields for perfect interference rejection
excellent electrical values, extremely low capacitance
extremely low dielectric absorption
mechanical damping for very good anti-resonant behaviour
ultra-low noise floor
high frequency spikes suppression
halogen-free, durable, hard-wearing, transparent sleeve
XLR termination

Cables and connectors can make or break a whole system. As audio is modulated electricity, the importance of cables is not only on the signal transporting side but just as well on the power line side, starting from a wall socket.

As every piece of wire acts as an antenna, the first concern for every type of cable must be that it does not pick up parasitical signals. It will do that automatically unless it is properly protected, whether it is radio frequency signals off the air (WiFi, mobile phone, TV and radio broadcasts, etc.), through interaction with neighbouring cables, or proximity to electrostatic fields (transformers, etc.)

Ensemble has therefore developed sophisticated, audio-friendly shielding techniques that provide superlative protection and distinguish the Ensemble CABLES right away from other cables. With such an excellent electrical foundation, electronic circuits can work without being stressed by disturbances, and signals can be transmitted in an envelope of deep silence, only to let the myriad of smallest inflexions in the music and atmospheric cues come through undisturbed. The result is live-like music-making, which has been said to be so typical of an Ensemble performance.

Shielding alone does not make a cable. It is the use of materials, the topology of the conductors, provision for mechanical damping as well as stable, long-term electrical performance that must all come together.