LUMINOSO™ power cable


Undisturbed, uncoloured power transmission
Equipment can give its best
3 X AWG 14 ( 2.08 mm² ) pure copper conductors in helical array
3 x single + 2 x overall shields for effective interference rejection
optimal balance between electrical parameters
minimal dielectric loss factor
excellent results with all types of equipment
lets music breathe
halogen-free, durable, hard-wearing, transparent sleeve


– very high purity copper – for reliable results, also long term
– optimal balance between electrical parameters
– very low dielectric dissipation – for fast signal transmission
– screening on all levels – for effective protection from interference
– mechanical damping – for excellent anti-resonance behaviour
– flexibility and mechanical integrity, UV and microbe stability
– environment-friendly materials: no PVC, no halogenide materials
– spark test 1500 V
– good-looking, good haptic feel

Ensemble cables are masters at presenting the shape and feel of an orchestra, the flow of the music and the resonance of the body of a violin or a singer. It all makes for a wonderful impression of the musical performance.’Alan Sircom, hifi+ 99/2013


– sound coming from a deep, silent background
– perfectly balanced, live-like, natural sound
– full harmonics, rich timbres, lively colours in all shades
– ’be there’ – dimensionality: real size 3D
– tangible atmosphere: air, micro information, reverberation
– razor-sharp transients: attack, rise and decay
– wide dynamics: micro to large scale
– engaging rhythm and pace
– natural musical ebb and flow


– 3 x AWG 14 ( 2,08 mm) conductors in helical array,
individually screened plus 2 x overall shields
– diameter 11 mm
– bending radius 8.5 cm
– resistivity 0.0073 ohm / m
– capacitance 155 pF / m ( 1 kHz )