floor-standing speaker (103 cm tall)
time-aligned dynamic two-way system
extended frequency response, 33 Hz – 28 kHz
bass reflex design
minimal phase, quasi point source
easy load (6 Ohm, lowest impedance point)
sophisticated filter design with proprietary
PROCAP™ capacitors and air-core coils
multi-layer aluminum sandwich cabinet
decoupled sandwich footplate
ensemble SYNERGIA™ binding posts
spell-binding natural, highly musical sound,
whether at high or low playback levels
timeless, neat elegance
marries with practically all interiors

There are moments where the mental eye has a vision of something almost too good to be true and yet one day it becomes real. The NATURA™ speaker is such a vision come true – a speaker of pure, deep musicality and a perfect blend of visual and constructional elegance. It is the fruit borne from a work of passion striving for the ultimate design goal: a speaker that, once in action, disappears – vision-like – in the listener’s awareness, leaving the scene to the musicians spread out on a live-like soundstage. The true concert experience.

Floor-standing, reclining by a few degrees from a decoupled footplate, the finish in all smoke silver (or optionally, with veneered sides) save for the dark flannel grey mirror-polished baffle – the subtle elegance could be an end in itself but actually is a refined function of important constructional features: the dynamic shape for correct time alignment, the multi-layer sandwich walls for tight resonance control, and the constrained-mode sandwich platform acting as a buffer between specifically tuned vibration absorbers.

Minimal phase and group delay as well as a seamless transition between the 6 1 / 2 inch woofer and the 1 inch soft dome tweeter give the NATURA a point source-like behaviour. Hologram-like the sound picture emerges, rich in detail, with fantastic coherence across the entire frequency band.

Within a wide listening zone a precisely scaled and layered projection opens up in front of the listener. A sound stage as deep and wide as it was recorded – and therefore often reaching beyond the physical dimensions of the listening room – provides a fantastic sensation of space and ambience. The air of the room is energized in the same live-like way as real instruments and voices do. Listening becomes a true musical experience, with the artists in direct communication with the listener.

Another outstanding feature of the NATURA is its deep, yet very accurate and contoured bass, leaving the air for the midrange to unfold. The frequency range extends from 33 to 28,000 Hz, with a very open sounding, coherent top end contributing a wealth of hues and shades to the sound picture.

The NATURA can play loud without congestion but is just as happy at low volume – a consequence of its low distortion and intermodulation content. Even more important than the sensitivity (87 dB) is an easy impedance load, enabling amplifiers to work under ideal conditions. With close to 6 ohm as the lowest impedance point, the NATURA can be happily driven by a 15 watt tube amplifier.

On a technical level it is worth noting that the rear reflex port behaves as quietly as the cabinet, which through various sophisticated constructional features is of extremely low resonance.

Every single aspect and parameter have been given the same careful attention, and no effort has been spared to create an exceptional product. To meet the highest standards possible, practically all parts are specially made for the NATURA. The list of these ranges from drivers, gaskets, non-magnetic screws, capacitors, inductors for the crossover to rubber feet, etc. The binding posts are all-copper Ensemble SYNERGIA™, giving the possibility (beside the standard connectors) of using a 6 mm, 100 A rated banana that Ensemble has introduced to audio as a much superior connection. Internal wiring is by way of Ensemble SILINX EXTREMA™ cable and MEGALINK™. Three precision-made pin contacts allow the positioning of an optional, resonance-damped grille cover (headed by the Ensemble logo).

Operational reliability as well as ease of eventual servicing have been further design considerations. Within normal use (max. recommended power 120 W RMS ) the drivers are electroacoustically very stable. The NATURA is a product made without concessions. It has been designed to hold its own for a long time to come. Its style is timeless and its musicality inexhaustible. Listening from outside of a room you would swear that there are real musicians inside. The NATURA – a new listening experience.


  • Pure, rich, deep musicality in a package of refined classic elegance and high-class finish
  • Technical perfection and build quality that stand the test of time
  • Easy to integrate into a living-room space thanks to convenient size
  • Smaller footprint than mini monitor on stand
  • Tolerance towards acoustic conditions
  • Wide listening zone
  • Easy to drive



multi-layer sandwich body and baffle

Grille Cover (optional)

resonance-damped, precision-made pin fasteners, headed by logo emblem


constrained-mode sandwich structure, decoupled from speaker body and floor by vibration-absorbing interface; adjustable feet


body: all smoke silver or, optionally, smoke silver with wood veneered sides baffle: dark flannel grey, high-gloss finish footplate: smoke silver


time-aligned electrodynamic 2-way system with rear airflow-controlled bass-reflex port extended frequency response


custom-built 18 cm / 6½” bass mid driver non-ferrofluid 25 mm / 1″ tweeter with textile dome; drivers optimized for high resolution, low resonance, excellent transient and dynamic behavior (micro and large scale), and high power handling


ensemble SILINX EXTREMA™ and Megalink™


minimal phase, minimal group delay high conductivity board closely toleranced Ensemble PROCAP™ capacitors and custom-made inductors in resonance-controlled environment


minimum 6 ohms


87 dB for 2.83 V RMS at 1m

Rec.Amplifier Power

minimum 15 W RMS / channel maximum 120 W RMS / channel

Frequency Response

33 – 28,000 Hz ± 3 dB (1 kHz / 0 dB)


Ensemble SYNERGIA™ 5-way binding posts all-copper design with heavy direct gold-plating accepting 6 mm bananas (100 ampere-rated), 4 mm bananas /10 mm 2 – AWG7 nude cable, 8 mm spades

Dimensions (wdh)

240 x 235 x 1015 mm / 9.5″x 9.25″ x 40″ (with feet) 240 x 235 x 1006 mm / 9.5″x 9.25″ x 39.5″ (without feet)


packed individually in double corrugated cardboard boxes (= 14 mm / 3/5″ total wall thickness) with 6 polyethylene foam supports 480 x 400 x 1200 mm / 18.9″ x15.7″x 47.2″ (per shipping carton)


34 kg (76 lbs) per speaker 39 kg (86 lbs) shipping weight per speaker


2 years on parts with the exception of faults due to mishandling, unauthorized modification, or overload