•  ‘all-in-one’ Ensemble design (modèle déposé)
  •  3 times higher conductivity than common brass models
  •  nickel-free,high quality gold-plating of chassis and pin
  •  nanotech surface treatment for enhanced conductivity
  •  Teflon® insulation
  •  shielding barrel with clamping action
  •  ground before signal contact (guaranteed with Ensemble jacks)
  •  chuck (see below) securing cable sheath
  •  ‘elevator’ system securing conductors


  •  chuck with ID 8.5 instead of 10.5 mm
  •  cable-protecting spring ID 8.3 mm, gold-plated

Superior performance – high conductivity – high versatility – high protection – all-in-one concept

The Ensemble ALLINO™ RCA plug (cinch or phono) is the fruit of extensive research on the best possible signal connection [modèle déposé]. Its many exceptional features make it a unique design that provides superior sonic performance and can do more at the same time.
The Swiss precision-made ‘hot’ contact and the conductive chassis parts have has 4x times higher conductivity than most. The plating of the pin and body is nickel-free (and therefore non-magnetic), the heavy gold-plating of the ‘hot’ contact (ten times the industry standard) is galvanically optimized for lowest contact impedance. The all-metal construction provides electromagnetic protection and mechanical stability. It allows precise connection (with a barrel lock on top) and dependable securing of the cable on two levels: with a global locking chuck – with an inner diameter of 10.5 mm or optionally 8.5 mm – and a (removable) double elevator system that will secure the inner conductor(s) of a cable down to 1.5 mm (!). A spring-like extension with an inner diameter of 8.3 mm to protect the cable at the exit of the plug is also optionally available.

Crowning feature of this plug is that it makes ground contact first when plugged into Ensemble equipment (where it finds the corresponding Ensemble-designed jacks of the same high quality). An Ensemble connection therefore happens in complete safety, without any thumps upsetting speakers. The same safe connection may also be established with other makes (depending on their design).