SILINX EXTREMA™ power cable


Undisturbed, uncoloured power transmission
Equipment can give its best
3 X AWG 14 ( 2.08 mm² ) pure copper conductors in helical array
3 x single + 2 x overall shields for effective interference rejection
optimal balance between electrical parameters
minimal dielectric loss factor
excellent results with all types of equipment
lets music breathe
halogen-free, durable, hard-wearing, transparent sleeve

An extreme all-out design with six conductors of 1.5 mm2 cross-section, laid out in helical opposition, and each with its individual film shield. Three additional global shields make the cable into a fortress against electro-parasitical incursions, giving it that great inner, deep down silence (‘blackness’) that is the envelope for the rich musical sensation the SILINX EXTREMA imparts. The effect is like in a concert when a captivated audience is held in absolute silence and one could hear a needle drop. The atmosphere becomes tangible, the emotional expression direct and immediate, as the smallest change in ‘energy’ comes across – as if it were live. As the SILINX EXTREMA is also strong in negotiating rapid changes of powerful currents, its dynamic capabilities are equally impressive. Together with its extremely low noise floor it spans not only a fascinating dynamic scale but handles climaxes with ease. Almost needless to say that a precise, tight bass also belongs to its characteristics. Best illustration of all, using a SILINX EXTREMA power cable for a high definition video screen shows a dramatic improvement in the picture quality.

Both electrically and mechanically the SILINX EXTREMA has everything one can expect from a master performer: very low impedance (0.003 ohm/m: 3 conductors together = speaker cable configuration), very low capacitance (