Ensemble Tubesox

‘chases microphonic haze’
unique, double action device, made of high-tech
Kevlar ®/copper weave
reduces microphonic effects on electron tubes and
shields tubes from electromagnetic interference
for small signal tubes of ECC81, 12AX7 etc. size
packed as pair

Chases microphonic haze

Put on Ensemble TUBESOX and hear the promise of your vacuum tube equipment fulfilled at last. Experience a more open, deeper soundstage that is more tightly focused. Enjoy your music with greatly enhanced transparency, integration and palpability, with overtones and timbres all coming to shine in a new way. With the TUBESOX in place, microphony in audio preamplification tubes is a thing of the past. For the first time you can hear the full, unrestricted quality performed by such audio tubes as the ECC81 (12AT7), ECC83 (12AX7), 6DJ8 and the like.

Made of heat-resistant Kevlar® and copper thread, the TUBESOX dampers efficiently suppress resonant energy and act as a shield against electromagnetic interference. Ensemble TUBESOX are not only easy to slide on but they adapt themselves to diameters varying between 17.5 and 22.5 mm (11/16″ and 7/8″). A slight pull at both ends will make them fit tight.

IMPORTANT: Remember to unplug your equipment from the mains before putting the TUBESOX on.

To give the sonic improvements their full impact, Ensemble CABLES ,known for their natural, ie neutral sound quality, are an obvious choice.

Kevlar® is a registered trademark of DuPont de Nemours.